Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know



1. Is credit repair legal?

  • Absolutely! You have rights. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which was set up by the FTC to protect consumers, gives you the right to dispute any item on a credit report. If that item cannot be verified it must be removed. The FCRA promotes accuracy, fairness and privacy of information in the files of consumer reporting agencies. Simply put, it gives you as the consumer the right to know what is in your file. You can request and obtain all the information about your file with the various agencies and challenge any information that you believe is inaccurate. We work to spot discrepancies on your credit report. If your report contains inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading information or illegally filed items, they must be removed and that’s where we come in! We do not offer any service that is a legal violation.

Here’s a Video to show how we do it!

2. Can’t I repair my own credit?

  • Credit repair is tedious and can be very time consuming but yes, you can take actions to repair your own credit. We actually have a DIY guide that can be purchased under products to assist you if that is the route you choose to take. 
  • You can represent yourself in court as well, that does not mean that you should Credit repair is very tedious and deals with a plethora of laws. If you are not careful, you could very well get yourself sued by a creditor. 

3. How do I know if I need credit repair?

  • We suggest pulling your credit report and calling in for a free file review, or a detailed credit audit and analysis ($49 for 45 minutes). The free 15 minute file review will give you a brief overview of our program and discuss your needs, if any. Your best interest is top priority! We promise not to bill you for service you don’t need.

4. How much are services and can I pay it all upfront?

  • MaXXimum Financial Services charges $70 per month for an individual and $125 per month for couples. The Credit Repair Organizations Act forbids credit repair companies from accepting payment for services that have not yet been performed. 

5. How long does the program take?

  • Much like your fingerprint and social security number, each person and the  content of their files is different. We have clients that in 2 months were completely satisfied and ended their program. In other cases, we have clients that were enrolled for a little over 1 year. A consultation would be the best way to determine your need. An average enrollment time is 5-6 months. You can expect to see results in as early as 30-60 days.

6. What if I choose to cancel?

  • Cancellation requests are honored within the first three days after initial enrollment. Later cancellation requests must be made in writing 30 days prior to the next billing cycle.

7. What can I expect?

  • You can expect honesty, integrity, and tons of credit education. We genuinely care about consumers! We will help as much as we possibly can to improve your credit situation. Embrace, Trust and Respect the Process.